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 A few simple rules of the board....

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A few simple rules of the board.... Empty
PostSubject: A few simple rules of the board....   A few simple rules of the board.... Icon_minitimeThu Apr 16, 2009 3:58 pm

Well in the suggestions thread I mentioned the first one, so I'll just repost it here as well to make sure we are perfectly clear.

1. No porn. Like I said, it is not our choice, but it is a rule by the hosting site. If there is porn and it is not removed, they will shut the whole board down. Maybe someday when we wanna put a little money into things we can change this rule, but for now, venture elsewhere for that sorta thing.

2. No noob bashing. Why? You know what a NOOB is around here? It is someone interested in our blog and our forums and want to become a part of it all. So bashing them will in turn make me give them temporary admin rights so they can turn around and ban you or do what they want with you.

3. Always remember. I love you.
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A few simple rules of the board....
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